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Bloomington-Normal YMCA Volunteer Position Description


PURPOSE/GOAL: Assist the Events Coordinator in providing exceptional events and parties. 

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum age of 16.  Must possess a friendly disposition and enjoy working with people.

SUPERVISED BY: Event Coordinator


  • Review all building policies and procedures with Event Coordinator prior to the start of volunteering.
  • Assist Events department in various roles including, but not limited to; greeting members and guests of said event/party, setting up and taking down event/party. 
  • Assist Event Department with cleaning duties.


  • Establish a positive relationship with youth in the community.
  • Generation of positive feelings from being one of the YMCA’s volunteers.


  • To do meaningful and satisfying work.
  • To be carefully assigned to projects which meet your interests and needs.
  • To be oriented to the YMCA and trained appropriately for your work assignments.
  • To receive supervision and guidance throughout your volunteer experience.
  • To have your service hours documented (certificate or letter) upon request and be properly appreciated and recognized for your contributions.


  • Dress in assigned dress code, including YMCA nametag and YMCA t-shirt, when appropriate.
  • Participate/Volunteer with enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Be open and honest with the YMCA about your expectations and abilities.
  • Participate in the orientation process (e.g., background checks, paperwork and training). 
  • Fulfill time and task commitments.
  • Serve as an ambassador of the YMCA. Upholds core values at all times. 

I understand the expectations of this volunteer position and will do my best to champion the efforts and uphold the mission of the Bloomington Normal YMCA.