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Our USA Swimming approved Swim School is pioneering the way youth and adults learn to swim while ensuring the experience they have in and around the water is both safe and positive. We are taking a whole new approach to swim lessons by using a custom perpetual swim program that lets you or your children be the driver of progress.


  Members Nonmembers
1 lesson/week $17 $34
2 lessons/week $14 $28
3 lessons/week $10 $24





Unsure of what class your child belongs in? Take our quiz below to find out!

Take the quiz to find your level!
Your Level is:

Your swim lesson level is: Starfish


Your swim lesson level is: Duckling


Your swim lesson level is: Duckling


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Your swim level is: Turtle


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Your swim level is: Seal


Your swim lesson level is: Dolphin


Class Goals

There are 3 class goals in each level. Once the swimmer has met the requirements for their level, they move up to the next level starting in their next session! No more waiting 4-8 weeks for the session to be over. Progress is all up to the swimmer!

View Class Goals

JR Parent Portal

Check on your child's progress, view billing information, and set up new lessons using the Jackrabbit Swim School Parent Portal! Click the button below to access the parent portal.


Make-Up Lessons

Need to miss one of your scheduled lessons? No worries! Participants in our Swim School program are allowed to schedule one free make-up lesson per month.


What are the days/times available for lessons?

Lessons are Tuesday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

How many lessons per week does my child receive?

After paying the monthly fee, your child receives one lesson per week on a perpetual basis until you want to cancel!

Can I add additional lessons per week?

Absolutely! You can add additional lessons per week by paying an additional fee.

How much does Group Lessons cost?

Members are billed $17 per class per month, while non-members are billed $35 per class per month. There is a one-time $20 registration fee for all participants of Swim School. There is also a multi-class discount, where participants who take more than one class per week receive a discount on the additional classes, up to 4 classes. Pricing information can be found at the top of this page.

What is my monthly rate if I would like to take more than one lesson per week?

Multi-Lesson discounts are available for YMCA Swim School! The rates are as follows:

  Members Nonmembers
1 lesson/week $17 $34
2 lessons/week $14 $28
3 lessons/week $10 $24
What level is my child?

Please take the short quiz on the Swim School page to find out!

How long is each lesson?

Lessons are 30 minutes in length.

If I receive financial support, can I still register online?

Absolutely! You will get your monthly Swim School tuition discounted per the approved financial support program discount given by the membership department. Registration fees ARE NOT eligible for discount.

How often do we need to register?

Just once! Swim School is a perpetual swim lesson program, and thus does not require registration every month.

How long are the sessions?

YMCA Swim School does NOT use the session format. Swim School is a perpetual program, which means that, once you're enrolled, you are entitled to one lesson per week up until you decide to cancel.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation is available at any time by providing a 30-day written notice to

What is the instructor-to-swimmer ratio for Swim School classes?

Most classes are 4 swimmers to 1 instructor. Parent-Baby classes (Starfish and Duckling) and Shark and Orca are 6 swimmers to 1 instructor.

Do I receive make-up classes?

You receive one free makeup class per month. Additional makeup classes are available at $10 per class.

When do classes start?

As soon as you register, your class begins at the next class date.

What availability do you have?

After taking the quiz you will register and be able to see all of the open class days and times.

How do I schedule a make-up lesson?

You can schedule a makeup lesson through the parent portal or with the team member sitting at the check in desk on the pool deck the day of your next lesson.

Do you offer Swim School for adults?

Adults are allowed to take part in our Private Swim School classes. Adult Group Classes will be available beginning late Spring 2023!