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Small Group Training (SGT) involves eight individuals and one personal trainer for a "personalized feel" training program! Using various exercises on the Outrace, Kinesis and SkillRun, participants will not only gain strength and stamina, but knowledge on how to use the equipment.

SGT is 45 minutes of cardio, strength, balance, and everyday functional fitness so you can go through life movement strong! Individuals will purchase Small Group Training through Daxko and sign up for classes in the Bloomington-Normal YMCA App.


Cost Effective: Individualized feedback in a more personalized setting. Our nationally certified trainers will provide corrections, modifications and progressions to ensure you succeed!

Community Focused: Meet others who share the same passions as you do! You'll find encouragement, accountability, and support to keep going!

Heart Rate Based Training: SGT will utilize heart rate based training to have an instant insight into what's happening inside your body while you exercise. Trainers will guide you through various training intensity zones to train smarter, not harder.

Variety & Fun: There are endless exercises to keep you moving on the Outrace! Our trainers certainly keep it fun!