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The Bloomington-Normal YMCA is proud to offer a safe, educational and nurturing environment for preschool children ages 2 through 5 years. We strive to provide stimulating activities that foster learning as well as curiosity, creativity, and compassion for others. Learn more about our Preschool-age Programs below!

Y Tots Play

Y Tots Play is an affordable play program where parents can drop their kids off in a secure and safe environment, where they'll have the opportunity to develop their independent and parallel play, along with giving them the chance to play with their peers!


Y Tots Explore

Y Tots Explore gives parents and children the opportunity to explore a new activity together! The activity will change each month, but the focus remains the same: providing you and your child the opportunity to connect and bond over a shared activity. After each activity ends, children will be given time to play with their peers, while parents will have the opportunity to socialize with their fellow community members!


Y Tots W.O.W.

During Y Tots W.O.W, some of our youngest learners will nurture their imagination as they explore the wonderous world through stories and play! Each week, youth ages 2-5 years old will read a new story followed by active play to better connect them to the story and understand the lessons taught. 


Y Tots FUNdamentals

Creating fun experiences that help physical and social development that help with physical and social development for young children. Come connect with your child at the YMCA while your children learn how to play respectfully and responsibly with others. Model healthy play and sportsmanship with your child and for your child while they are introduced to sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and more. You and your child will also have the opportunity to learn to use the equipment in the Kids' Adventure room and Child Watch room safely and enjoy time in these spaces outside of traditional PNC Play and Learn Center hours.



Y Tots STEAM introduces kiddos ages 2-5 years old to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) fields through fun introductory activities! STEAM fields are a large part of what makes our society move forward and what helps make the world a better place to live for all of us. Give your child the gift of opportunity to explore each of these fields with a new activity each week that touches on a different aspect of STEAM.


Y Tots Career Play

Providing interactive opportunities for children ages 2-5 to discover the importance of various careers while building friendships and getting the wiggles out in constructive ways relating to the career of the week! Parents can expect their child to read a story about a different career each week by a Y team member or special guest from the field, participate in a game or movement activity relating to the career and then working together with you on an activity to continue the learning! 


Bitty Basketball

This program for children aged 3 - 5 years will help your preschooler grow their confidence, socialize, and build large motor skills all while taking directions and having fun! Children will spend 30 minutes practicing basketball skills, followed by 30 minutes of game-like play in a non-competitive environment during the hour-long session!