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Performing Arts


 At the YMCA Performing Arts School, we are committed to increasing opportunities for all people to participate in and understand the arts while strengthening our community and promoting family involvement.  All students, regardless of economic status, training or experience, are openly urged to participate and have the opportunity to grow, learn and thrive while gaining performing arts knowledge and skills they will be able to apply in all aspects of their lives.

Join us at the Y to explore your child's creative side! 


  • To enhance creative thought and movement
  • Improvement of gross motor skills
  • To encourage artistic expression
  • To enhance and build confidence
  • Increase physical activity

Registration information

Registration opens Monday, January 6, 2020 online and at the YMCA.

30 minute classes for 10 weeks: $60 Members/ $75 Non-Members

45 minute classes for 10 weeks: $75 Members/ $95 Non-Members

Private Voice/Piano Lessons: Participants have the option to setup a payment plan for private voice and piano lessons

30 minute classes for 10 weeks: $120 Members/ $150 Non-Members

45 minute classes for 10 weeks: $180 Members/ $210 Non-Members

Click here for the class schedule. 


  • Tap/Ballet: Preschool (3 to 4 yrs) Beginner Tap/Ballet (5 to 7 yrs) Advanced Beginner

    Tap/Ballet/Jazz (8 to 12 yrs) Adult Tap (18 years and up)

    Preschool students begin to dance independently and learn basic ballet and tap techniques.

    Beginner students will continue learning basic ballet movement and combinations, as well as a beginner routine. Advanced Beginner students will take all skills and master them while learning an advanced routine. All dancers should wear fitted clothing (preferably a leotard and tights, but not required) that allows them to move freely. Required shoes: Ballet slippers & black tap shoes

  • Tip Tap Toe: Ages 8 through Adult we go!

    This mixed-age beginning tap class gives parents a chance to tap with their children! Bring the whole family for some fun with Tap!

    Required shoes: Black Tap Shoes

  • Contemporary: (9-16yrs) Similar to ballet, contemporary dance combines many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom, fluidity, expressiveness and airier aspects of jazz and modern dance. It is commonly set to popular music with vocals as well as rich instrumentation.

  • Stretch/Leap/Jazz Technique: (7 to 12yrs) This fast paced technique class is for beginning and advanced jazz students alike.  Students will learn exercise techniques to improve their dancing. They will also learn and practice skills that include a variety of leaps and turns. Required shoes: Ballet slippers

  • Tiny Tumblers: (3 to 5yrs) This class is an introduction to the basics of tumbling and will ready participants for further tumbling and gymnastics programs.  Participants should wear gym shoes and fitted clothing (preferably a leotard and shorts, but not required) that allows them to move freely.

  • Beginner Tumbling: (6-8yrs) - This class builds on the foundational skills learned in Tiny Tumblers. Participants will continue to develop their motor skills, build strength, and explore fitness in a fun way. Participants should wear gym shoes and fitted clothing (preferably a leotard and shorts, but not required) that allows them to move freely.

  • Hip Hop: (7 to 12yrs) This upbeat class combines basic hip hop techniques and choreography. In this fast paced fun class students will use hip hop to develop their coordination, rhythm, flexibility and self-expression. All dancers should wear gym shoes and fitted clothing.  

  • Musical Theater: (5 to 12 yrs) Participants will learn skills such as speaking, singing, acting, and dancing while working together to stage a performance at the Showcase. Rehearsing and presenting a musical will foster participants’ creativity, responsibility, independence, teamwork and dedication. Theater has a unique characteristic of combining the elements of study and play. 

  • Private Voice/Piano Lessons: (5 yrs and older) Lessons include the basics as well as how to sing in tune, vocal basics, developing vocal range, reading music and playing chords and scale. Each participant learns at their own pace and will have a unique lesson plan based on their needs and goals. 



For more information, please contact our Senior Program Director, Lisa McCully, at





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