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3 on 3 Peach Basket Classic Tournament


Our first year of the 3-On-3 Peach Basket Classic was so much fun! We're looking forward to next year! Stay tuned for the 2020 3-On-3 Peach Basket Classic details.

3-on-3 rules

• The game will be played in one 10-minute period. Stoppage of clock will occur in any dead ball scenario (out of bounds, fouls, substitution, free throws, etc.)
• The game will be played on one half-court.
• A coin flip will determine which team starts with the ball.
• The first team to score 21 or more points within the 10 minute period will be declared the winner.
• Score will be kept by 1’s and 2’s. Any shot made behind the marked 3 point line will count as 2 points. Free throws are worth 1 point each.
• If the 10 minute period ends in a tie, an extra period of time will be played after a 1 minute break.
• Overtime will begin with a coin flip to determine possession.
• Overtime will be played in sudden-death style. The first team to score will be the winner.
• A team will forfeit if they fail to have 3 players ready to play at the start of the game.
• A team will forfeit by default if too many of their players foul out.
• A team will enter the bonus after 6 team fouls have been committed.
• After rebounding the ball, the opposing team must clear the ball behind the 3 point line. Failure to do so will result in a turnover.
• After an offensive rebound, the offensive team does not need to clear the ball behind the 3 point line.
• Teams are allowed one 30 second timeout per game.
Free throws are shot when…
• A player is fouled in the act of shooting.
• An intentional foul is committed.
• A flagrant intentioned foul is committed (fouling player is then ejected)
• A technical foul is called.
2 shots, unless shot attempt during foul was made, then 1 free throw is awarded.
Players must wait for the ball to hit the rim to move.
• Failure to abide by YMCA core values Caring, Honesty, Responsibility, and Respect will result in immediate ejection from the game and game site. This applies to players, spectators, referees, and YMCA staff.


For more information, contact Director of Youth Sports/Wellness, Brad Ruehrdanz, at

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