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Hoops Academy is a one-on-one training program to help your child improve in the sport of basketball! Your child will receive guidance from Coach D'Mitri Dunson-Riggs to help them refine their skills on the hardwood!

Headshot of our Hoops Academy coach, Coach Dunson-Riggs.


D'Mitri Dunson-Riggs is the owner of D1 Skills Academy and current Assistant Varsity Coach at Bloomington High School. Coach D'Mitri was raised in Bloomington, and was a standout athlete who won third place in state and a state championship in 8th grade. He is a BHS alum where he was a 4 year starter and earned a McDonald's All-American nomination. After high school, D'Mitri went on to play junior college basketball. After graduating, he went on to attend and play for Eastern Kentucky University.

After college, he continued chasing professional goals, playing a few years of semi-pro basketball. Due to injuries, he turned his focus to coaching and passing the years of knowledge he accumulated on to the next generation of players.

Finding a new passion for helping players develop, D'Mitri has gone on to develop a top 20 player in the nation and helped many others gain skills and confidence that has led to their success on the hardwood. Whether you're looking to develop your skills as a younger player, or looking to sharpen the skills you already have to become an elite basketball player, Coach D'Mitri will help you accomplish your goals!