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A photo from our September 12th Learn to Play Pickleball class.


Join us for our co-ed Beginners' Adult Doubles Pickleball League, where members who are new to the sport will be able to sharpen their skills with some friendly competition! 



Free-play Pickleball is available on the Caring and Responsibility courts at times listed on the Shirk Sport Center schedule. 


Court Types:

We provide opportunities for those who prefer to play with a set group and for those who prefer to play in an open format.

1. “Reservation” Court (1)
  • Courts are reserved on the Bloomington-Normal YMCA app.
  • Courts are reserved for 1.5 hour increments.
  • Courts cannot be reserved back-to-back by the same group of players. This ensures court reservations are shared among members.


2. “Open Play” Courts (2)
  • Players who are waiting should put their paddle in the paddle rack.
  • If all courts are being used and a game ends, the next 4 paddles/players should take the court. If less than 4 paddles are in the rack, sufficient current players should stay on the court to make a group of 4.
  • If all courts are not being used and a game ends, it’s recommended, but not required, that sufficient current players stay on the court to make a group of 4.
Levels of Play:
  • All levels of play are welcome. There are no designated courts for levels of competitiveness to ensure all those wanting to play are included.
  • We encourage all YMCA members regardless of their level of play to encourage others to learn to play and include them in play.
  • We will monitor the needs of our members and make adjustments as deemed necessary.
  • Other gym activities and events may temporarily alter court availability.