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YMCA Lap Pool


The benefits of exercising in water are twofold, providing both lower impact and higher resistance than doing it on land. Get a full body workout that’s safe for your joints and healthy for your heart.



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Aqua Exercise Classes


Interval training in tabata format. Twenty second work cycle followed by 10 seconds of rest. Participants are encouraged to work at their own speed and level of intensity.

Aqua Blast

30 minutes of aerobic fitness, using a whole body workout. 15 minutes of strength training. Accommodations for your personal fitness level are available.

Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit is a moderate impact class with suggested low-impact modifications when needed. A variety of moves utilize the water's resistance and waist-to-chest depth to improve cardio, strengthen major muscle groups and promote stability and improved balance.

Aqua Jam

This class uses great music and easy choreography to have fun and get a great full-body workout!

Aqua Jazz

Using jazz and a variety of music to implement strength, core, and balance techniques in both deep and shallow water using a variety of equipment.

Aqua Power

This high-energy, low-impact class is sure to create a big splash! Cardio Conditioning while the resistance of the water will assist you in strengthening and sculpting all major muscle groups. This class is designed to provide a vigorous full-body workout for all ages and fitness levels.

Cardio Splash

Focus is on aerobic fitness and muscular specific training. Every muscle group will be worked for 3-5 minutes with a cardio burst between sets. Options are provided to accommodate all fitness levels.

Deep Aqua

Learn core balance and endurance with training to assist for knee, hip, ankle and shoulder issues with suspension in deeper water with flotation devices.


A high-energy cardio workout that also uses resistance for strength training. Great for circulation and easy on joints. Fun and safe for all fitness levels.