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The benefits of exercising in water are twofold, providing both lower impact and higher resistance than doing it on land. Get a full body workout that’s safe for your joints and healthy for your heart.



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Aqua Exercise Classes

Aqua Fit

Enjoy the benefits of aerobics, weights and stretching in one workout. This class is designed for participants to use water resistance to help develop 3 components of fitness: cardio, muscle endurance, and flexibility. Come get Aqua Fit!

Aqua Jazz

Jazz music becomes part of your motivator while performing yoga, flexibility, balance, strengthening tasks in the shallow, all mixed in with fun and at times teamwork.

Aqua Low

A low impact, low intensity class designed to help joint mobility and relieve discomfort. Optional deep water exercises may be modified to be performed in the shallow end. Swimming skills are not required.

Hydro Fit

In this class, you will use the entire pool, deep and shallow; using various equipment like belts, boards, noodles. Includes core, cardio strengthening mobility in the water using the properties of the water in both shallow and deep with warm ups and cool down teamwork and having fun.