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Thursday, Novemeber 23, 2017 the Y will be closed for Thanksgiving!

Lifeguarding/CPR/First Aid/AED Trainings


Become certified to save a life! We have highly trained and certified teachers through the American Red Cross. Adult and Pediatric First Aid/ CPR/ AED certifications prepare participants to help and respond in an emergency. Certification will last for 2 years.


Classes include all necessary training equipment, manuals, tests, etc.

CPR, AED, First Aid Training Classes ($65):

July 21, 2018: 10am-6pm

October 20, 2018: 10am-6pm

November 3, 2018:10am-6pm

CPR, AED, First Aid Review ($55):

No dates at this time.


This comprehensive lifeguard training program (for pools only) includes all aspects of the professional lifeguard including first aid and safety and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer. Successful completion of this course will result in Red Cross certification. Participants must be present for all class times to be eligible for certification.  Books and other materials are included in the fee. The course requires a minimum of 4 participants, if there is low enrollment participants will be notified 24 hours in advance.


  • Minimum age of 15
  • Must be able to swim 300 yards front crawl and breaststroke
  • Swim 20 yards, surface dive 10 feet to retrieve a brick and return
    to the starting position while holding the brick 
  • Tread water for 2 minutes without the use of hands

Click here to download the Lifeguard Training Manual

Lifeguard Review ($95):

December 29, 2017: 9am-9pm; registration closes December 24th. ($120)

All Lifeguard Review courses in 2018 will be held from 8am-5:30pm. 

March 3, 2018:  Registration closes February 26th

March 17, 2018: Registration closes March 13th

April 28, 2018:Registration closes April 26th

May 26, 2018:Registration closes May 22nd

June 2, 2018: Registration closes May 29th

June 9, 2018: Registration closes June 5th

July 14, 2018: Registration closes July 10th

October 13, 2018: Registration closes October 9th

December 8, 2018: Registration closes December 4th


Lifeguard Instructor ($250):

Trains instructor candidates to teach American Red Cross Lifeguarding, Lifeguard Blended Learning, Shallow Water Lifeguarding, Waterpark Skills, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers, Administering Emergency Oxygen and Bloodborne Pathogens Training. Note: To teach Waterfront Skills, Lifeguarding instructors must possess a basic-level Waterfront Skills certificate. This class is designed for current lifeguards who are interested in teaching lifeguarding! You must be at least 17 years old by the end of the class and have a current lifeguard certification from the American Red Cross.

Saturdays beginning January 6-27, 2018: 10am-6pm; Registration closes January 2nd

March 12-16, 2018: 9am-5pm; Registration closes March 6th

March 26-30, 2018: 9am-5pm; Registration closes March 22nd

Mondays and Wednesdays beginning April 2-30, 2018: 5-8:30pm; Registration closes March 22nd


Lifeguard Instructor Review Course ($75)- additional $35 for basic recertification:

Lifeguard Instructor Review Courses in 2018 will be held from 10am-6pm.

February 24, 2018; Registration closes February 20th

December 15, 2018; Registration closes December 12th

Water Safety Instructor ($300):

February 23, 2018: 5-9pm

February 24, 2018: 10am-6pm

February 25, 2018: 10am-6pm

March 2, 2018: 5-9pm

March 3, 2018: 10am-6pm

March 4, 2018: 10am-6pm

Basic Water Rescue ($80):

No dates at this time.

Safety training for Swim Coaches Review ($60):

No dates at this time.

For more questions,concerns, or more information, please contact our Aquatics Coordinator, Kevin Sweeney, at

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