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Dianne Carter's Y Journey: A Story of Challenge and Tranformation

Published 05.01.18

When you see Diane Carter jiving across the dance floor, swaying and laughing to the base of the Zumba dance tunes, you wouldn’t believe she was told she would never be able to jump and be limited to certain movements. Diane’s story starts with the determination and  will to drive the desire to change her life. She shows us that no matter the challenge one might face, it is the strength of overcoming the impossible that shows us who we are.

Diane never accepted to be told what she can and couldn’t do. So, when doctors told her that she was faced with limited mobility, she didn’t accept it. She couldn’t accept it. She had to relearn how to walk, but she knew that the work wouldn’t stop there. A friend of hers asked her to come to the YMCA and join a class with her. By the end of the class, Diane was hooked. It has been five years since she joined and she credit’s the YMCA for helping her live to her motto, “ Live long and live strong.”

Although Diane overcame what she was told to be impossible alone, she still had a support group to see her through. Fellow classmates and instructors in the classes that Diane has attended, Zumba and Active, cheer her on and push her through to go beyond the goals she has set. The sincerity and love the YMCA has for our members is based on the improvement and will we see in our members and staff. If a commitment for change is declared, the YMCA family will commit to that change with you. What makes up the YMCA isn’t just the staff members, it is the people that we call our members that help each other up when they are down, and see to it that we can overachieve our highest goals. This is why we say, there is a y in every family.

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